Astra - Drinks Less Fuel^

Discover the next generation engines. Astra cuts CO2 emissions by up to 11% compared to previous models. And lower fuel consumption makes the most efficient Astra ever.

Regular mileage (10,000 miles p.a) example:

Petrol CO2 g/km Combined MPG Diff %
Fuel Cost Fuel Saving Over 4 Years
Astra 1.2 145PS 99 54.3
Previous Astra 1.4 150PS 123 47.9 -11% £1,214 £572
Diesel CO2 g/km Combined MPG Diff %
Fuel Cost Fuel Saving Over 4 Years
Astra 1.5 122PS 92 64.2
Previous Astra 1.6 136PS 116 58.9 -8% £1,017 £336

Driving Efficiency


Choose from petrol or diesel engines. Maximise your fuel efficiency. Overload your driving pleasure.

Astra promises the smoothest, sportiest, most responsive ride yet - powered by a new generation of engines that slash carbon emissions by up to 19% compared to previous models and offer lower fuel consumption.

Tricky choice

Kick it up a gear. Take more control than ever before. Choose between 6-speed manual transmission, Stepless Automatic Transmission, and the new 9 speed automatic.


IntelliLux LED Matrix Lights

Dazzle the streets, not other drivers.
Our glare-free IntelliLux LED Matrix Lights automaticaly adjust to oncoming traffic. So you can keep your eyes on the road and have a brighter, clearer view of what's ahead.

Advanced Park Assist

Powered by intelligent technology, our smart parking aid finds, manoeuvres, and eases you into any suitable space. Just like that.

Rear View Camera

Take the guesswork out of reversing. See exactly what's going on behind you with the on-board rear view camera.


Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control

Find the perfect temperature. The clever dual-zone automatic climate control will finally end those arguments about who's too hot and who's too cold. Using the independent driver and passenger control systems, you can set the climate that suits you best.

Heated Features

Just the thing for those cold mornings; heated seats, heated steering wheel and our advanced ThermaTec heated windscreen.


Forward Collision Alert

It scans the road ahead, then sends you a warning to help you avoid a potential collision. 

Automatic City Emergency Breaking

An advanced city emergency braking system scans traffic ahead of you. The instant it detects an impending collision, the system helps the driver brake more quickly and effectively in an emergency. Clever tech that gives you more confidence. 

Lane Keep Assist

The Astra's Lane Keep Assist system is built to keep you right where you should be. If you start drifting out of lane, the smart steering wheel gives you a gentle nudge. 


Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is available on Astra. Quickly boost your compatible smartphone battery, just by placing it inside the phone compartment.

You can always call your Vauxhall Retailer to check if your phone's compatible.

Help In An Emergency

It's good to be prepared. That's why Astra has an optional Emergency Call feature.

If the car senses that you need the emergency services, like when airbags are triggered, it instantly dials 999 and send your location. Or you can just press the Emergency Call button yourself.

^ Fuel Cost Savings
Combined MPG is calculated from the published Combined High WLTP figures as at 22 October 2019. Astra data represents preliminary WLTP figures. Fuel cost calculated at an average petrol cost of £1.28 per litre and average diesel cost of £1.32 per litre.